Creating Gourmet Masterpieces & Superior Service Since 1980

The Spice of Life Catering has served the Dallas area for more than 35 years. Each project receives the care and attention of The Spice of Life’s award winning team. Whether a large corporate function, wedding, charity event, intimate chef dinner and a variety of events in between, Spice Of Life Catering is known for excellent attention to detail, customized gourmet offerings and an elevated service experience. Menus are diverse, imaginative and designed with the highest quality of fresh ingredients and prepared with precision and pride by our chefs under the guidance of Chef Jeffrey Kollinger.

— Chef Jeffrey Kollinger

A full-service dining experience like no other

Each project receives the care and attention of The Spice of Life principals. The same attention to detail is practiced whether The Spice of Life is catering an extravaganza or simply providing meals. Menus are diverse, imaginative and made with the highest quality ingredients available and prepared with experience and pride by chefs and staff under the watchful eye of Chef Jeffrey Kollinger.

We are looking forward to working with you to meet whatever needs and special requests you may have. Please contact us to start planning your event. Our consultants are available to help with party planning or special requests. We are always willing to work to provide the most possible within your budget.